KENNEL Hvězda z Montary

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We are one of very few kennels for this relatively new and therefore rare breed in the Czech Republic. Even though the FCI officially recognized the Danish-Swedish Farmdogs as a breed relatively recently, the roots of the breed reach into the beginning of the last century at the very least. The first mentions of the breed can be found already in the times of Vikings, when these dogs were known as priceless hunting help, accompanying the huge bull biters, today known as Great Danes. This typical Scandinavian breed is very skillful and has a huge potential in wide variety of activities – from being a search and rescue dogs after natural or man-made disasters, to herding or driving cattle.

The Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are universal dogs, who cope well with a variety of roles – guarding dog, rat catcher or a loving and faithful companion to its owner. They are popular because of their gentle, easy-going and friendly temperament.


Consulting activity


Information on breed health, diet and supplement recommendations


Communication with veterinarians, preparation of the litter, control of the reproductive system


Training, exercise with a dog how to proceed.

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