A Puppy from Us

We consider our dogs as members of our family and that is why they come everywhere with us. They don’t miss any trips, holidays, restaurant visits, celebrations or any other similar activities. The same holds for our puppies. They are too young to come with us on trips or holidays, but they are in constant contact with us, socialized, used to being around kids and babies, used to numerous visitors. Dog ownership and breeding is an activity we do lovingly and at full stretch. The tiny fur babies and their mother are under constant supervision. We spend with them every minute we can.

Preparation for the birth of the puppies is particularly important to us. We set up the birthing box 10 days before the estimated day of birth, so that the mommy-to-be can get used to it and learn how to relax inside the box. The mummy-to-be is under our constant supervision during the birth. Afterwards we take her for a veterinary checkup to make sure there are no more puppies left in her belly and that everything is alright.

First days after the puppies are born, we make sure that the puppies’ mummy starts to eat and drinks enough. At the same time, we check regularly that she does not overlie her babies (which are still blind at the time). We are trying to provide as much calmness as possible and support her in nursing the puppies. After the 14th day of the puppies’ lives, everything gets a little easier as the little ones start to see. The puppies start to explore the birthing box and soon we start to offer them complementary food. The little ones slowly get to know their surroundings around the birthing box and meet the other dogs. They are still staying with their mummy under our supervision. There is a wide choice of toys available in the box. We clean and disinfect the toys, dogbeds and blankets every day so that the puppies stay nicely dry and warm.

Starting the 2nd month of puppies’ lives, již štěňátka socializujeme, občas přivedeme návštěvu, nebojíme se pustit vysavač či mixér a pouštíme často televizi a rádio, aby si štěňátka zvykla na nejrůznější zvuky a ruchy. Postupně bereme malé buřtíky i ven, samozřejmě podle počasí. Všechna štěňátka pravidelně odčervujeme a v šesti týdnech dostávají první očkování a necháme jim zavést čip. Zájemci a budoucí majitelé, kteří si u nás svého budoucího čtyřnohého kamaráda rezervovali, jezdí (pokud jim to vzdálenost dovolí) na pravidelné návštěvy, aby si již od útlého věku na ně malý tvoreček zvykal a znal je. Zároveň dáváme všem štěňátkům obojky a postupně je i  zvykáme na vodítko.  Do nových rodin od nás odcházejí tedy s výbavičkou, odčervená, naočkovaná, očipovaná a vždy s nějakou hračkou nebo dečkou s pachem ostatních sourozenců a maminky, na kterou jsou zvyklá, aby přechod do nového prostředí, kde již budou bez maminky, nebyl tak těžký. 

Support for the Future Owners of Our Puppies

  • Presenting a healthy, vaccinated, dewormed and chipped puppy
  • Support during the whole life span of our puppy (possibly even longer) as far as the new owner wishes for our help and advice
  • Help and support regarding exhibitions or breeding should the puppy owner decide to be active in these fields

Farewell Parcel for the Puppy

  • Contract
  • FCI certified pedigree (in case the ČMKU has not issued the pedigree in time, we will send the pedigree to the owner’s address as soon as possible)
  • Vaccination certificate (EUROPAS) containing the information regarding applied vaccinations, deworming procedures and chip number / tattoo identification
  • krmivo na první dny v novém domově
  • Daily schedule – the schedule of feeding and daily habits of the puppy
  • Collar, toy, blanket smelling after puppy’s mum and siblings, treats

What Are We Looking for in the Future Owners of Our Puppies?

  • You should know why you chose this specific dog breed and what are your expectations from the dog. You should have basic knowledge about the personality and temperament of this breed. But most importantly, you should be sure that you have enough time to look after the puppy and engage with it. In case you are the first-time dog owner, we would like to discuss with you how best to treat the puppy.
  • You should be aware that with the arrival of the puppy, the everyday rhythm will change for the whole family. Life with a dog brings lots of joy and playfulness hand in hand with less enjoyable duties such as regular veterinary check-ups. Together with a puppy, you get a faithful companion for better or worse, but you must be prepared to accept the responsibility for a life being, who will accompany you for the next 12 to 15 years. You must be prepared that at older age, the dog will need more care, calmer environment, patience and the same amount of love as during the previous - more active - stages of life.
  • You should be prepared to make time to take your new furry companion outside for walks, to grant your dog time for play and time for rest. But just as importantly, you should be prepared financially - to cover unplanned expenses in case of accidents or illnesses which may occur during the dog’s lifetime.
  • You should come to meet the puppies and us at least once before you come to pick up the puppy. We would like to get to know you as well. An exception is of course possible in case you live very far, or in case we have already met at some breeding club activities, exhibitions etc.
  • You should come to pick up the puppy in person.
  • • We would very much appreciate if you would stay in touch with us once the puppy lives with you. We would be happy to hear from you about the joys and progress you have made. Even when things do not go as smoothly as everyone hoped, we would like to know about the situation, discuss what is happening, offer our support and help if we can. We want your time together with “our puppy” to be as long and as happy as possible.  

Kdo se o náš chov stará ?

O celý náš chov se stará MVDr. Hana Miškaninová, které patří velký dík pro její vysoce profesionální přístup. Na paní doktorku se můžeme vždy spolehnout. Je nám obrovskou oporou jak po odborné zdravotní stránce, tak i po té lidské.

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